That Catherine E. Kovach. She is a thing.

There are two things I am utterly awful at doing.

1. Introductions

2. Talking about writing.

Unfortunately this page is supposed to be for both of these things, so please be patient as I stumble around in an attempt to explain myself.

I’ve always considered writing to be a sort of architecture, whether it’s building worlds, relationships, people, everything is design, everything is building, and I’ve had a lot of passion for that. Suddenly, my silly little stories that I enjoy writing starting being something that other people were okay with reading. After being published on a couple of websites, I figured that it was important to have a sort of all encompassing place I could link to people who asked.

So here it is. I will probably write about other things, update with other unpublished works, but here you go and such. Welcome to Cat Country!

This is going to be the front page for a while, mostly to explain to you why the heck you are here, but check some stuff out.


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